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In 1986, it was proposed that November 25, Sadhu Vaswani's Birthday be celebrated as an International Meatless Day. The campaign has met with considerable success in that, lakhs of individuals send their pledges to the Mission to go meatless on this day. Four state governments in India - Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh - have issued instructions for the closure of slaughter-houses as well as butchers' shops on 25th November every year, in their respective states.

In order to create an awareness in the minds of citizens about the Meatless Day campaign, peace marches are held in Pune and other cities in November, every year. Thousands of students from city schools and colleges march through the streets propagating the idea of Meatless Day and reverence for all life, as the first step to World Peace. Meatless Newsletters are also issued between August and November every year to propagate vegetarianism and the Meatless Day.

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October 2004 International Meatless Day News Letter

The PDF for this newsletter has become lost in time, but the message is as clear today as it was back then. The importance of upholding and maintaining the international day where meat is not consumed cannot be overstated in a world where the food industry is so powerful it literally makes people keep eating the meat they don't even need!

How about we get a little critical about this for a moment? Why do so many people allow themselves to be lead around by a ring in their noses like the common farm animals they eat by an industry that is making billions of dollars annually off their lack of self awareness or self esteem?

How demeaning it must feel when you realize that you have been one of these numb-minded herds of humans that barely have the right to even acknowledge their membership of that race? But it's never too late to come to your senses and start using the mental faculties that nature has gifted every one of us.

The power that real thinking and reasoning gives us is liberating as it is exciting and empowering. When we think, I mean truly think about what our dietary needs really are, then we suddenly see that we do not need to eat so much animal produce any more as our health, life expectancy and energy level actually improves dramatically when we reduce our intake of animal flesh and increase our intake of plant-based foods!

This is the message for every Meatless Day from now going forward. We can all benefit in so many ways from saying NO to that hamburger, hotdog, slab of steak or rack of ribs and YES to a refreshing salad or vegetable curry instead!

Furthermore, one does not need to become a vegan overnight to benefit greatly and also benefit the planet that gives us life and a home to live it on. Just by cutting down on our meat intake can tip the balance in our favor in better health and a healthier ecosystem for us to live in.

Oh, and a lot of very grateful animals that get to live another day or more.

Dieting Healthily Without Meat

It often surprises people when they discover they can actually lose weight and regain a slimmer, fitter and healthier looking body when they choose to adopt a meat-free diet program instead of one that contains meat-based meals as standard. There are several very good dieting options that are based on plant-based meals that are every bit as nutritious and healthy while being energy giving and empowering at the same time.

How can you effectively lose more weight by simply not eating meat-based meals? The answer is that you won't actually lose any more weight by opting for non-meat meals than you would if you chose meals that contained some meat products if you treat your diet like it is the entity that will force your body to weigh less.

The real trick is taking responsibility for your body and looking very carefully at what it needs to remain healthy while reducing its store of fat cells without impacting on strength, muscle density, bone density and energy levels. You can do this by choosing a plant-based diet that can be nutrient rich and fulfilling while also being generally lower in calories but higher in the properties that force your body to burn more energy simply to digest the food you are eating!

Yes, there are some very good vegetarian-based dieting programs in existence that offer a level of convenience that many very busy people demand these days. For example, products like the Nutrisystem for men and women vegetarian plan in the United States are good convenience alternatives to working on your own meals by buying the ingredients at the store, preparing the food and then cooking or making the meal as a cold (uncooked or raw) creation.

But our own advice in this area is to opt to do the work for yourself. That way you have total control over which ingredients go into the meals you are eating. We feel it is of great importance to buy organic produce by hand-picking each vegetable or item of fruit yourself to ensure optimal quality and freshness. Then prepare your own meal the way you like it, adding herbs and spices as you prefer.

You end up with a completely natural and healthy meal that by its very nature is naturally low in calories while being high in nutrients, fiber and healthy fats that all combine to provide your body with exactly what it needs and no more to get stored as excess fat (while it then needs to reduce its store of fat to provide extra energy where needed).

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